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BNP Paribas is a European leader in global banking and financial services institutions。Standard and Poor's rated it as one of the world's four major banks. Group's businesses include corporate and investment banking, asset management and services, as well as retail banking three important aspects are firmly in place.In the world 85 countries and regions,BNP Paribas has more than 700 offices and among 205,000 employees,28,000 employees engaged in international banking business, as providing services for more than 80 companies in 100 large international companies; BNP Paribas worldwide engaged in the export credit business.

  Spread from the ancient times in China, Feng Shui can change a person's fortune. Knowing the importance of Feng Shui, BNP Paribas and YBS Consulting had a Feng Shui lecture hand in hand.
    The famous Hongkong feng shui master Ph.D Dunn visited BNP Paribas salon activities at the scene, teaching about the Feng Shui secret behind the world's top luxury. Ph.D Dunn took Sinan mansion as an example to analyze Feng Shui to a positive effect on one's wealth and the activity completed success.
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