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Skoda is headquartered in Mlada - Boleslav automobile company. It is the world's oldest four automobile manufacturers as well. In 1991, Skoda became Volkswagen Group's brands. In addition to their own highest market share of over 50%, but in Western Europe, Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland market is also very popular. 2011 Skoda total annual sales of 879,200 vehicles. 2013 Skoda production in China Yeti, for production expansion.
  For the sake of capturing marketshare, Skoda introduced series of cars. Not professional in naming the product, person in charge of Skoda asked help from YBS Consulting and we reached an agreement.
  After carefully planned, the team of YBS Consulting gave two names of series products: Jing Rui and Ming Rui, maintaining a consistent tone and noble as well. At present, those products in hot selling.
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