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Fujitec Group, founded in 1948 by Shotaro Uchiyama, is one of the few professional manufactures in elevator circle, and a globally transnational enterprise engaged in spatial moving system such as elevator, escalator, autowalk, and solid parking equipment. It carries out sales activities in 22 states and areas including Japan, China, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, North and South America; besides, it has 12 manufacturing base to provide reliable products and services globally. By virtue of the innovative technology and high quality commended by clients, it makes continuous contribution to the city development of global states and areas, thus wins the good reputation of “Worldly Elevators-Fujitec”.
In 1985, Fujitec Group marched towards China market, as well as cooperated with Chinatex Corporation  to establish Huasheng Fujitec Elevator Co., Ltd in 1997 and Shanghai Huasheng Fujitec Escalator Co., Ltd in 2002 respectively. In addition, it independently established Fujitec Shanghai Technologies Co,.Ltd. and Fujitec Shanghai Sourcing Center in 2003 and 2006, respectively; thus has formed a three in one service layout of research and development, manufacture, and supply.

  As Feng Shui influence one’s fortune, Fujitec invited Dr. Yi to take geomancy for the factory  in Shanghai.
  Ph.D Dunn arrived in Fujitec Shanghai Technologies Co. Ltd. in October 2011, and set about a full range of Feng Shui. Re-layouting the Feng Shui environment of Group Headquaters, Ph.D Dunn  reorganized R&D center and some factories.For the whole Feng Shui layout , group senior high recognition.
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