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Volkswagen AG by the world famous automobile designer Porsche founded in 1937, is Germany's largest automobile manufacturing group. Its automobile production ranks fifth in the world ranking. Group currently has nine well-known car brands: Volkswagen (Germany), Audi (Germany), Lamborghini (Italy), Bentley (UK), Bugatti (France), SEAT (Spain), Skoda (Czech Republic), Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (Germany) Porsche (Germany). Volkswagen Group  has 68 wholly owned and joint stock companies in the world. Its business areas include automotive research and development, production, sales, logistics, services, auto parts, car rental, financial services, car insurance, banking, IT services and so on.
  Volkswagen China planned to open a 4S shop currently. In order to have a good omen, person in charge of the project expected to ask a feng shui master to pick a good day opened. After careful consideration, he finally developed the cooperation with our YBS Consulting.
  According to the corporation's birthday and the five elements of the industry, Ph.D Dunn choose a auspicious day to open. At present, the 4s shop has been operating smoothly.
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